When it comes to your gutters, keeping them clean is incredibly important. It’s a necessary part of your home’s maintenance, but you may have forgotten about it because life gets hectic. When you’re dealing with kids and a job, then the state of your gutters often falls by the wayside. But, this list should help you understand how keeping your gutters clean will help not only your home but other aspects of your life as well. Their cleanliness not only keeps them working properly but also helps a variety of problems that could spring up from their neglect. Read on to find out the ten reasons why you should probably go clean your gutters immediately.

1. Keeps Away Pests

Bugs are never pleasing, the same goes for your gutter as well. When your gutters get clogged up with leaves and other debris, pests might see your gutters as their brand new home. This’ll attract more unsightly creatures into your home and cause you to put the exterminator on speed dial. Also, having bugs like mosquitoes being attracted to your home could make your family more vulnerable to illnesses like the West Nile Virus. Keeping your gutters clean keeps those nasty pests away.

2. Protects Paint Job

Once your gutters become stopped up and water begins to overflow, it often beings to trickle down the side of your house. Over time, your paint job may start to deteriorate. When dealing with all that water, it’s destined to flake. When you keep your gutters as clean as possible, your paint job won’t have anything to deal with besides normal wear and tear.

3. Prevents Basement Flooding

When your gutters overflow and water flows directly down the side of your wall, it’ll eventually end up in the basement. This adds to a ton of potential problems including property damage, electrical failure, black mold, and unpleasant smells. You should do everything that you can to prevent water damage from your home, and keeping your gutters clean is a great way to start.

4. Prevents Ice Dams

During the winter season, ice dams are an often beautiful, but destructive problems that millions of people deal with every year. If you aren’t aware of what ice dams are, they’re what happens when water gets trapped in your gutter and freezes over. They aren’t too much of a problem as icicles. But, once the ice begins to melt, it can cause water damage. Keeping your gutters clean keeps things clear so water doesn’t have a chance to freeze up and become ice.

5. Protects Fascia

The fascia is a board that runs right behind your gutter, and it’s a very important part of your gutter system. When the fascia is affected by factors like water damage, it can cause the whole structure of your gutter system to deconstruct causing cracks. These cracks will also bring unwanted water in your home if they aren’t taken care of in a timely fashion.

6. Prevents Roof Damage/Wood Rot

Nobody wants a roof that’s made of rotting wood. With a clogged gutter system, that horrible nightmare may become your reality. If the water can’t get through your gutter system, it may try and slip your roof and the walls of your home. This decay of your roof can lead to pests and rodents having an easier time getting into your home. Dealing with rotting wood can also be quite expensive, so you should definitely keep your gutters clean to keep as many of your hard-earned dollars into your wallet as possible.

7. Protects Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping like flowers, trees, and bushes, the overflow from clogged gutters can be quite detrimental to its health. Overwatering is as unhealthy for your plants as not watering them enough. As those plants begin to die, their roots are no longer going to keep the soil in place. Then, the water will wash away the now exposed topsoil and sand. The excessive water can also wash away your mulch. There are many different ways that excessive water can hurt your landscaping. If you take pride in the beauty of your landscaping, then keeping your gutters clean will help it look as beautiful as the day it was planted.

8. Protects Foundation

Along with potentially flooding the basement, the overflow of water can also hurt the foundation of your home. This can lead to cracks in your foundation, which may lead to a safety hazard in the future. This unneeded water may also cause your foundation to shift. Protecting your foundation protects your family’s safety, and it also protects the value of your home.

9. Helps Gutters Be More Efficient

The main purpose of gutters is to shift water away from the roof. If the gutters are blocked, then they can’t do that job well. Gutters can often be a heavy investment. If you don’t take proper care of your gutters and keep them clear, then they’ll eventually break down. You may have to spend even more money on repairing cracks and other damage, or you may have to replace the entire gutters. Doing proper maintenance on your gutters will save you a ton of money in the long run, and will definitely elongate your gutter’s lifespan.

10. Keeps Away Algae and Moss

When your gutters stay damp for long periods of time, they become a perfect place for unsightly plants like moss and algae. They’re definitely not attractive, becoming quite an eyesore as the plant pops up in random places. But also, they can cause a ton of damage to your roofing system and be the start of major problems in the future.

Your gutters are an important part of your home. They’re not only protecting your roof, but they’re also protecting your family as well. In turn, you should do all that you can to make sure that your gutters are in tiptop shape. The problems listed above are only the tip of the iceberg of what can happen when you stop taking care of your gutters. It can lead to long-lasting problems that are going to be extremely expensive and can make your home become very unsafe. Make sure to exercise proper maintenance of your gutters and have a roofing contractor come for routine inspections, and it’ll ensure that the lifespan of your home withstands the test of the time and you can enjoy your home.